Khedrubje Buddhist Meditation Centre is on term break from Friday 23rd October - Sunday 1st November

Branch Teacher: James McNicholas

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James practice of meditation shows through in his peaceful, calm nature.


As a practitioner of kadam dharma for many years James is someone who puts others at ease through his lighthearted and positive approach to life. In his professional capacity he is a trained sixth form teacher. He uses his experience of Buddhas teachings to show a great example of how to put them into practice in a busy, modern life.


In his own words:

"Buddha has explained to us that our mind is the nature of clarity. In this busy modern world, therefore, the practice of meditation is essential in ensuring that we can come closer and closer to experiencing more peaceful states of mind each and every day. I am fascinated by how meditation gradually increases so many good qualities within our minds, and thus benefits all those around us, which leads, ultimately, to a happier life for all!"

Drop-in Classes taught by James: