Khedrubje Buddhist Meditation Centre is on EASTER BREAK from Monday 8th April - Monday 22nd April

In the busy times we now live in worry & anxiety is like a modern day disease of the mind that everyone is afflicted with. This habit of mind is so prevelant it us cause of much of our stress, tiredness, depression and unhappiness.

On this day course internationally renowned teacher Gen Tharpa will explain how we can use Buddha's teachings to stop these negative habits of mind. Through overcoming our minds habitual tendency towards worrying and anxiety we will become free of our limitations & inner conflict. This will effectively heal our mind, creating the space to have a more positive, peaceful mind. 


Venue Details

This event is held at:
Khedrubje Buddhist Centre
196 Coltman Street
Anlaby Road


For info on this class call: 01482 324940


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  • Whole Day Course
    (£25.00 Per Person)


Course Time

10am - 5pm including lunch

Scheduled Dates

  • Sat 4th May
This event is taught by:

Gen Kelsang Tharpa

    • tharpa

Gen Tharpa is a close disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and a senior teacher of the New Kadampa Tradition who has been teaching Modern Buddhism in Spain, Portugal and England for over 30 years. 

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