In modern life we often feel a victim of the continuous stresses and strains of what the world inflicts upon us. It is as if no sooner have we dealt with one situation another arises to take its place, leaving us exhausted and with no peace of mind.

On this morning course we will learn how to develop inner resources that become protection for our mind so even though there may be a storm on the outside on the inside we remain calm, peaceful and ready to use the problems of life as opportunities rather than sources of anxiety and stress. 

We will then engage in meditation retreat which is a method to familiarise our mind further with this inner protection so that it becomes stable, allowing us to transform our mind and through doing this transform our life.


Venue Details

This event is held at:
Khedrubje Buddhist Centre
196 Coltman Street
Anlaby Road


For info on this class call: 01482 324940


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  • Whole Weekend
    (£30.00 Per Person)
  • Partial Weekend
    (£15.00 - £37.00 Per Person)


Starts at 10am Saturday 30th March with a Morning course. Then followed by lunch and an afternoon and morning of retreat.

Scheduled Dates

  • Sat 30th March
  • Sat 30th March
This event is taught by:

Gen Kelsang Rigma

    • Gen Rigma

Gen Rigma has been the main teacher at Khedrubje Buddhist Centre for 25 years, she is known for her clarity and wisdom.

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