The Meditation Room at Khedrubje Kadampa Buddhist Centre

The meditation room is a modern peaceful space at Khedrubje Kadampa Buddhist Centre where everyone is welcome to come and try out a meditation class. It is a space that has been especially designed to induce positive minds, full of images representing enlightened beings and the great masters of Buddhism.

When you enter the meditation room you will have an instant sense of calm and relaxation. In this inspirational enviroment you will find it much easier to develop a meditation practice than you would in a cluttered space at home. People have been using this space for many years to develop stillness of mind and the space naturally lends itself to this persuit. 

Our meditation room can hold up to 50 people, but our normal classes range from 15 - 30 people, this means the room will not feel crowded and you can easily develop your own space within the meditation room.

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Meditation in a Chair

As well as sitting on the floor you can also meditate in a comfortable chair. In fact often this is encouraged becuase it is easier on your ankles and knees and allows you easily to maintain a straight back which is essential to good meditation practice.

Regular Prayers

The meditation room is also used for regular prayer sessions. A quintessential Buddhist practice that opens the heart and heals the mind. Find out more about our prayer sessions here.

Images of Buddha

Inspirational images of Buddha in his various forms are to found throughout the meditation room. It is said that just gazing upon these images plants a seed within our mind for the development of inner peace to arise in our heart.

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