In his teachings Buddha said:
If you realize your own mind you will become a Buddha; you should not seek Buddhahood elsewhere.
The actual meaning of this is that there are three stages of identifying our own mind: identifying our gross mind, identifying our subtle mind and identifying our very subtle mind. The mind we have now while not asleep that understands various kinds of objects is our gross mind. This is not difficult to identify or to know. The mind we have during dreams that sees or perceives various kinds of dream objects is our subtle mind. This is difficult to identify or to know. When, through the force of deep meditation all gross and subtle minds cease there manifests a mind called ‘clear light’, this is our very subtle mind. When we identify, or realize, such a very subtle mind directly it is effectively no different from being enlightened.
When we identify our subtler levels of mind we will become completely free from disturbed states of mind and abide in a state of wisdom, bliss and peace. On this course we will learn how it is possible to access this deeper level of mind and therefore acheive the real aim of our human life.
This course is open to everyone. 
This event is taught by:

Gen Kelsang Rigma

    • Gen Rigma

Gen Rigma has been the main teacher at Khedrubje Buddhist Centre for 25 years, she is known for her clarity and wisdom.

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