About Meditation

Meditation makes our mind peaceful, and when our mind is peaceful we are happy all the time, even if our external conditions are difficult. Through this understanding we can appreciate the importance of meditation... [read more]

About Khedrubje Centre

We are an oasis of calm in the city of Hull - with a meditation hall, in-house cafe, world peace garden and a car park. We offer a variety of introductory meditation classes, retreats, workshops and an in-depth study programme. [read more]

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The New Meditation Handbook

The New Meditation Handbook is an explanation of twenty-one essential Buddhist.. [more] - [buy]

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Upcoming Special Events

Sat 6th Jul
Morning Course:

Meditation Workshop

Meditation is a mind that focuses on a positive experience, and a mental action that is the main cause of mental peace. Whenever we meditate, we are.. [read more] - [book now]
Sat 13th Jul

guru yoga retreat

The retreat consists of four session and lunch. Each session is done inconjunction with Offering to the Spiritual Guide sadhana. There is then an.. [read more]
Fri 26th Jul - 10th Aug

Summer Festival

In Week 1 of this special Festival, Gen-la Kelsang Jampa, Deputy Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU, will teach the stages of Kadam Lamrim of Sutra.. [read more]
Fri 23rd Aug - 27th Aug

Eight Steps Retreat

The meditations on this retreat are organized in a sequence so that as we gain more understanding of the first one, it helps us to gain more.. [read more] - [book now]
Sat 14th Sep
Day Course:

Gen Rigma at Madhyamaka

Gen Rigma has been invited to give a day course at Madhyamaka Centre so make a note of this date if you wish to attend, more details to follow. .. [read more]