We are open for very limited numbers of in person events, most of our classes are online due to the current national lockdown. We encourage you to attend classes online where possible to minimise social contact. Attending our classes online is really straight forward, you do not need special software and the booking process involves two very easy steps.


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Upcoming Special Events

Sat 17th Apr

Nyungna Retreat

On this special fasting retreat we engage in three sessions of purification practice in conjunction with the sadhana Drop of Eessential Nectar, which.. [read more]
Sat 15th May

Refuge Retreat

Retreat is a time to escape from our busy modern lives, take a breather and find some real peace of mind inside. It is an opportunity to connect with.. [read more]
Fri 28th May - 2nd Jun

Spring Festival

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience modern Buddhism in action at an international level and enjoy an inspiring and meaningful spiritual.. [read more]
Sat 24th Jul - 8th Aug

Summer Festival

Enjoy a summer holiday with a difference. Spend some inspiring time in the English Lake District with people from all over the world developing inner.. [read more]