Branch Teacher: Jendrik Rohsius

    • jendrik

Jendrik is a generous-hearted and skilled teacher who has been a practising Buddhist for over 20 years.


Jendrik has lived, practiced and taught Buddhism in the Hull for many years and attends Teacher’s Training class at the Khedrubje Buddhist Centre in Hull.  He has a range of interests as well as working in a professional capacity and is able to convey great relevance to his teachings through giving practical examples. His teaching style is very inclusive and welcoming, he is known for intertwining his teachings with motivating stories and interesting anecdotes to illustrate the point.


In his own words:

"I really enjoy working with Buddha's tried and tested methods of how to solve the main problem and obstacle in creating a happy, fulfilled life. It has really helped me with dealing with challenging situations, developing inner peace, contentment and gradually developing happiness from within. Working with children in my professional job, I have found that developing and maintaining a peaceful mind is essential to a happy, productive, stress-free day. Meditation is definitely the 'must-have' tool for the future!"

Drop-in Classes taught by Jendrik: