Khedrubje Buddhist Meditation Centre is on term break from Friday 24th July - Saturday 15th August

Branch Teacher: Laura Warren

    • laura

Laura is a kind-hearted and sincere practitioner who greets everyone she meets with compassion and a warm smile.


Laura has been studying Kadampa Buddhism for many years and currently studies on the Foundation Programme. As a student and practitioner of Buddhism for many years she uses her professional experiences working with people to make her teachings engaging and relevant for modern-day people living in Hull and surrounding areas. Laura is always happy to help by giving helpful advice.


In her own words:

"Through attending group meditation you can learn the basics quickly – meditation feels good and the more you practice the better you feel. Through consistant meditation you learn gradually to be patient with the aspects of life that you can’t change and you develop inner tools to deal with situations that can be changed with a peaceful mind. I am excited to share these techniques with the busy people of Hull."

Drop-in Classes taught by Laura: