Meditation to feel better class


7:00pm Tuesday 2nd March
7:00pm Tuesday 9th March


This event is being broadcast by live stream.


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Freeing yourself from destructive thoughts and emotions


Using meditation and Buddhist techniques to help cope in these difficult times. 

For many of us it is not easy to cope with the uncertainty, isolation and hardship of these trying times. 

With the help of Buddhist teachings and meditation practice we can learn how to overcome these challenges and therefore maintain a peaceful & happy mind. 

Classes are £5 

These teachings are based on the book ‘How to Solve Our Human Problems’.

Everyone is welcome!


This drop-in class is based on the Beginners Books How to Solve Our Human Problems.

    • How to Solve Our Human Problems
This class is taught by:

Gen Kelsang Rigma

    • Gen Rigma

Gen Rigma has been the main teacher at Khedrubje Buddhist Centre for 25 years, she is known for her clarity and wisdom.

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